Meet the Fleet

The Corinthian Sailing Club’s Corinthian Fleet One at White Rock Lake in Dallas Texas is growing, even though its a class in which the boats are no longer produced. The care and attention of each member Corinthian owner, taking time to restore and maintain their boat, shines in this Fleet. Below you will find the current roster of boats by sail number.

2: Union Maid

Owners: Bill & Gina Wilson

50: Pat. Pending

Owner: Patrick Glynn

56: Sally Sue

Owner: Mac McCoy

71:Owner: Kyle & Christy Fagin

128: Halcyon

Owner: Ken Brown

155: Tigger


Owner: Frank McCammon

157: Dream

Owners: Gibb Joseph, Bill Cheek, Jill Perez, Miranda Prater, Sandra Webb

175: Dorado

Owner: Mark Mihm

196: Zephyr

Owner: David Barrett

197: Odyssey

Owner: Cynthia Hagar


Owner: Steve Brockett


Owner: Bill Webster


Owner: Fredric Leglise

274: Passion

Owner: Alvin Skelton

289: Magdalena

Owners: Rob & Susan Drechsler

313: Cloud 9

Owner: Jerry Stark

314: Summerwind

Owner: Burt Gilson

323: Red Baron

Owner: Matt McGaughey

350: Green Boat

Owner: Charles Salyards

Hull # ?: Flying Eagle

Owners: Jim & Beth Clark

351: Twisted Mistress

Owner: Pete Seymour

356: Therapy

Owner: Kurt Krestinger

357: Louisiana Purchase

Owners: Tom & Ginger Hoolan

371: Aeolus

Owner: Ken Brown

381: Sunrise

Owner: Mike Krasner

388: Kol

Owner: David Barrett

389: Blue Sky

Owners: Cynthia Ford, Timothy Vickery


Owners: Mike Seay, Cullum Thompson

395: Effie

Owner: John Beall

406: Forte

Owner: Jim Mattingly

409: Deliberate

Owner: Albert Smith

412: Knotty


Owners: Rick Bentley, Lennox Bower

434: Concord

Owner: Alex Winslow


Owner: Thomas Waddill

Unknown hull #1:

Owner: Sheryl Perier

Unknown hull #2:

Owner: Sheryl Perier

Unknown hull #3:

Owner: Sheryl Perier

Unknown hull #: Bulldog

Owner: Skip Garrison

Unknown hull #:

Owner: Ed Stehel