About Fleet One

Corinthian Fleet No. 1 is a group of sailors from White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas who own, restore, day sail and race the Bristol Corinthian 19′ 6″ fiberglass sloop sailboat designed by Carl A. Alberg in 1964 as a family daysailer. Our Fleet can attest to the statement that the Corinthian has big boat appearance and handling qualities, yet her simple rig and double main sheet with traveler make her a joy to sail. Fleet members have a wide range of sailing experience and skill which fits with the capability and forgiveness inherent in the boat.

Traditionally, fleet members become club members of Corinthian Sailing Club and congregate at the VIP dock, which makes the moorings easily accessible, maintenance possible via the keel maintenance davit and authentic, camaraderie with fleet and club members.

The fleet includes the second Corinthian built, which is the beautiful UNION MAID, owned by Gina and Bill Wilson. Look for the sail with the number 2 just below the crescent and star emblem. The late Nat Wells bought number 2 and he, with a few others, formed Corinthian Fleet 1 back in 1965.

A Corinthian can be a do­-it-­yourselfer’s dream. Fleet One is dedicated to the practical enjoyment of the boat as well as many find restoration of the classic keel boat rewarding. For any owner who does not have the time or inclination to do the maintenance (such as bottom painting or woodwork), skilled people are readily available to do the work at reasonable cost.

Once upon a time, Corinthian Fleet One had as many as 80 boats. Today the fleet is just over 30 boats, representing the largest active fleet of Corinthians in the world. In addition to scheduled regattas, the fleet sails on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

The fleet is active on a weekly basis, so if  you are new to sailing or an old salt, be sure to visit and let us know you are interested in sailing a Corinthian. We would love to set sail with you and aid your discovery of this nostalgic beauty known as “The Finest Lady of the Lake.”