Using the Pressure Washer

The pressure washer has, from time to time, had its pull-cord break. It’s possible that this is due to the “water pressure” being switch to ON during starting. Thanks to Bill Wilson and John Beall for noticing and for writing up this procedure.



  1. Connect the water hose, but ensure that the water pressure is OFF
  2. Make sure the ignition switch and fuel levers are in the ON positions
  3. Check the fuel level and add gasoline if needed
  4. Put the choke and throttle levers to about the halfway point
  5. Pull the cord; the engine should start easily
  6. If it still doesn’t start, try adjusting the choke and throttle levers up or down
  7. After it starts, turn off the choke and put the throttle to maximum
  8. Turn on the water



  1. Turn the ignition switch to OFF
  2. Pull the water nozzle trigger to relieve the water pressure
  3. Remove the hose