The Keel Maintenance Davit (KMD) is owned, maintained, and is for use by members in good standing of the KMD Association. A one-time initiation fee is required to be paid to the Fleet Treasurer to join the KMD Association before the KMD may be used.

An orientation for use of the KMD, including expectations for scheduling and use by other members, is also required before the KMD may be used.

Generally, the rules are as follows:

  • Only KMD Association members in good standing may use the KMD. (KMDA members need not be Corinthian Fleet No. 1 members, nor need they own a Corinthian class boat.)
  • Only keelboats that do not exceed size and weight restrictions may be placed in the KMD. (specifics will be posted here, soon)
  • In the 5 days prior to a regatta, the KMD may not be reserved for “extended use”.
  • “Extended use” of the KMD must be scheduled with the Fleet Harbor Master and posted on the KMD schedule board.
  • During the 5 days prior to a regatta, the KMD is reserved for power washing only.


Please note: the creation of this webpage is one step in moving the KMD rules from somewhat of an oral tradition to a more formal arrangement. Errors, omissions, and details will be addressed as the information is available and as time allows. Thank you.