The refrigerator is intended for the use of fleet members to make a sailing day more enjoyable. Please feel free to place your foods and beverages in the fridge during the sailing day. By the same token, DO NOT consume food or beverages (even beer!) that you did not personally place in the refrigerator, with the exception of bottle of water that are part of a large (12+) package of bottles – these are intended for fleet use.

If you would like a beer from the fridge, just ask. You’ll usually get one!

When the fleet provides food for a regatta, it will be laid out at lunchtime, and beverages will be placed in large coolers. Food and beverages provided in this manner are intended for paid participants in regattas, their crew, and the race committee. If you happened to be on the docks but are not participating in a regatta, please do not consume regatta food and beverages.