2018 CF1 Racing Calendar


There were no changes to Fleet Champion or Harvester Cup qualifier from 2017 rules.  The Hang Ten regatta was moved back this year.

The races in blue are CF1 sponsored events. Others are CSC multi boat events.

Regatta Name Date Impact Sponsor
Frostbite Series (Sun)  Jan, Feb  Just for Fun Alvin Skelton
Hang Ten   4/7/2018  Championship Points Bill Wilson
Spring Series (Sun)  Apr, May, June  Championship Points &
Harvester Cup Qualifier
Commodores Cup   4/21-22/2018  Championship Points CSC
Captain’s Challenge   4/28/2018  Championship Points &
Harvester Cup Qualifier
Fleet Captain
Hired Gun  5/12/2018  Championship Points &
Harvester Cup Qualifier
Watermelon Series  July, August
Wednesdays 6pm
 Just for Fun Mike Krasner
Moonlight   7/28/2018  Just for Fun Mac McCoy
Singlehand   9/29/2018  Championship Points &
Harvester Cup Qualifier
Gina Wilson
HangTen   9/15/2018  Championship Points Bill Wilson
CSC Championship   10/13/2018  Bragging Rights CSC
State Fair  10/06/2018  Championship Points CSC
Harvester Cup  10/27/2018  Bragging Rights Ken Brown