2017 Regatta Calendar

In 2016, a change was made at the annual business meeting to the finishing impact of the Harvester Cup. Previously, the results of one year’s Harvester Cup were counted toward qualifying for the next year’s Fleet Championship points. It was decided that the top Harvester Cup finishers thus started the racing season with an advantage over the rest of the fleet. This change is still in effect. The 2016 Harvester Cup was its own reward, and does not count toward the 2017 Fleet Championship.

The 2017 Captain’s Challenge is a Harvester Cup qualifier. This addition increases the potential number of qualifying skippers. Since the Harvester Cup is a round-robin and should be completed in a reasonable timeframe, the number of participants is limited to the top six finishing skippers, with any ties being resolved by Fleet Championship points earned at the time of the Harvest Cup. Should any of the top six be unavailable and there are more than six qualifiers, lower-finishing qualifiers will round out the field up to six skippers.

2017 Regatta Dates

Regatta Name Date Impact Sponsor
Frostbite Series Jan, Feb Just for Fun Alvin Skelton
Hang Ten 3/18/2017 2017 Championship Points Bill Wilson
Sunday Series Apr, May, June 2017 Championship Points
2017 Harvester Cup Qualifier
Captain’s Challenge 4/22/2017 2017 Championship Points
2017 Harvester Cup Qualifier
Fleet Captain
Commodore’s Cup 4/29-30/2017 2017 Championship Points CSC
Hired Gun 5/13/2017 2017 Championship Points
2017 Harvester Cup Qualifier
Watermelon Series July, August
Wednesdays 6pm
Just for Fun Mike Krasner
Moonlight 7/8/2017
(actual full moon)
Just for Fun Mac McCoy
Singlehand 9/16/2017 2017 Championship Points
2017 Harvester Cup Qualifier
Gina Wilson
CSC Championship 9/23-24/2017 Bragging Rights CSC
State Fair 10/7/2017 2017 Championship Points CSC
Harvester Cup 10/28-29/2017 Bragging Rights Ken Brown