2017 Regattas

Race dates, championship and Harvester Cup qualifying events, and some changes for this year.


2016 Committee Duty

Get your preferences to Mike Krasner. We’ll keep this webpage as up to date as possible.


Meet the Fleet

Browse the current roster of the classic boats owned and sailed by Corinthian Fleet One.


Corinthian Fleet No. 1
Dallas, Texas

Welcome Bristol 19 Corinthian Owners and Fleet Friends,

Corinthian Fleet No. 1 is a group of sailors who own, restore, race, and day sail White Rock Lake in their Corinthian 19′ 6′′ fiberglass sloop sailboats designed in 1964 by Carl A. Alberg. Intended as a family daysailer, she is the largest fleet boat on the lake. Her simple rig and double main sheet with traveler make her a joy to sail.

Representing the largest active fleet of Corinthians in the world, with over thirty boats, the Fleet is active on a weekly basis, and schedules regular regattas in addition to Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoon racing.


2016 Captain’s Challenge Regatta

The Captain’s Challenge was held on Saturday, April 16. High winds swamped and sunk Union Maid. Ten Corinthians started the day, many withdrew.

2016 Hang Ten Regatta

The winds were up for the 2016 Hang Ten Regatta, blowing 20 mph all day from the northeast, and gusting off the scale above 28.